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Mon Nov 8 07:57:44 PST 2021

On 11/8/2021 10:29 AM, Steven Boozer wrote:
> I assume that charghwI’ was responding to this post when Marc Okrand 
> was asked how to say "a fast ship":
> (MO, qepHom 2012 [via Lieven 11/22/2012]):  Maltz was unaware of an 
> adjective meaning “fast” (or “slow” for that matter). He said in 
> Klingon you wouldn't say that something is fast - you'd say it moves 
> fast. So instead of “You have a fast ship”, you could say {nom leng 
> DujlIj} “Your ship travels fast” or {nom leng Duj Daghajbogh} “The 
> ship that you have travels fast.” If “your fast ship” is supposed to 
> be the subject or object of a sentence, you say something like {tInqu' 
> nom lengbogh DujlIj} “Your ship that travels fast is very big” (or, 
> less literally, “Your fast ship is very big”) or {nom lengbogh DujlIj 
> vIlegh} “I see your ship that travels fast” (or “I see your fast ship”).
> Presumably this method works for slow ships as well.  <g>
I didn't remember this bit of canon, but this was going to be my 
response as well. The only time the lack of a verb for /be fast/ is a 
problem is when you want to compare speeds — *nom leng*/travel fast/ 
doesn't fit into the Q of a comparative. But otherwise, there is really 
no issue here. A /fast ship/ is a *nom lengbogh Duj* or a *nom vIHbogh 
Duj.* To say /That ship is fast,/ say *nom leng Dujvetlh* or *nom vIH 
Dujvetlh* or something like that. And the verb you attach *nom* to 
doesn't have to be *leng* or *vIH.* You could say *nom nIn natlhbogh 
QuQ*/gas-guzzling engine/ and *nom bumbogh nav va'chum*/fast-absorbing 
paper towel/ *(nom woHbogh woHwI'!).*

And of course it works for /slow/ as well. In fact, it works for most 

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