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On 5/26/2021 7:47 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> I know that this must be a ridiculous thing to ask, at this point, 
> after having written my brains out in Klingon, but this thing since it 
> came to my mind is killing me.
> Who the jay' is the subject and object in an imperative???
> I say to someone:
> yIQong!
> sleep!
> Who's the subject and who's the object?
> I say to the judges:
> yaS tIqIch!
> condemn the officers!
> If the subject are the judges, and the object the officers, then what 
> am I? (i.e. the one who gives the command).
> It seems a ridiculous thing to ask, but it's driving me crazy.

Klingon imperatives only have an implied subject: *SoH* or *tlhIH.* They 
are never stated and do not follow the verb.

The object of an imperative is exactly the same as the object of an 
indicative. *yaS tIqIch:* the object is *yaS.* *yIQong:* there is no object.

I don't know the grammatical term for the person who utters an imperative.


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