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*Ephialtes* - (probably different from the Aload Giant who was also named
Ephialtes): According to Apollodorus he was blinded by arrows from Apollo
and Heracles. He is named on three Attic black-figure pots (Akropolis 2134,
Getty 81.AE.211, Louvre E732) dating from the second quarter of the sixth
century BC. On Louvre E732 he is, along with Hyperbios and Agasthenes,
opposed by Zeus, while on Getty 81.AE.211 his opponents are apparently
Apollo and Artemis.[189] He is also named on the late sixth century BC
Siphnian Treasury, where he is probably one of the opponents of Apollo and
Artemis, and probably as well on what might be the earliest representation
of the Gigantomachy, a pinax fragment from Eleusis (Eleusis 349). He is
also named on a late fifth century BC cup from Vulci (Berlin F2531), shown
battling Apollo. Although the usual opponent of Poseidon among the Giants
is Polybotes, one early fifth century red-figure column krater (Vienna 688)
has Poseidon attacking Ephialtes.


*ephialtes* - (wa’ *aload* *giant* tu’lu’, ‘ej *giant*vetlhvaD *ephialtes*
ponglu’ je, ‘ach ghaytan pIm *giant*vetlh *giant*vam je). naQjejHommeymo’
baHpu’bogh *apollo* *heracles* je, leghlaHbe’chu’ *ephialtes* ‘e’ SovmoH
*apollodorus*. qaStaHvIS vatlh DIS poH javDIch bID wa’DIch bID cha’DIch
(bov vorgh), wej *attica* mIlloghmey qIj Sar ngaSwI’ (*akropolis* 2134,
*getty* 81.*ae*.211, *louvre* *e*732) luchenmoHlu’pu’, ‘ej ngaSwI’meyvamDaq
*ephialtes* pong tu’lu’. *louvre* *e*732 ngaSwI’Daq *ephialtes* qaD *zeus*,
‘ej pa’ *hyperbios* *agasthenes* qaD je *zeus*, ‘ach *getty* 81.*ae*.211
ngaSwI’Daq *apollo* *artemis* je chaHlaw’ *ephialtes* ghol’e’. Dorbogh
vatlh DIS poH javDIch (bov vorgh) *siphnian* *treasury*Daq *ephialtes* pong
tu’lu’ je; pa’ ‘op *apollo* *artemis* je ghol tu’lu’, ‘ej *ephialtes*
ghaHlaw’ wa”e’. wa’ *eleusina* nob SeQ ‘echlet ‘ay’ (*eleusina* 349)
tu’lu’; pa’ *giant* noH narghlu’moHmeH, ‘echletvam DIjpu’, ‘ej chaq giant
noH mIlloghvam ‘eq law’ Hoch noHvam mIlloghmey ‘eq puS. ‘echlet ‘ay’vamDaq
*ephialtes* pong leghlu’ je. Dorbogh vatlh DIS poH vaghDIch (bov vorgh)
*vulci* HIvje’ (berlIn *f*2531) tu’lu’, pa’ *ephialtes* pong tu’lu’, ‘ej
*apollo* Suv *ephialtes* ‘e’ ‘agh HIvje’vam. qaSchoHtaHvIS vatlh DIS poH
vaghDIch, mIlloghmey Doqqu’ Sar *wine* bIQ je DuDmeH ngaSwI’ (*vienna* 688)
chenmoHlu’pu’; *giants* SuvtaHvIS *poseidon*, motlh *polybotes* ghaH
gholDaj’e’, ‘ach DuDmeH ngaSwI’vamDaq *ephialtes* HIv *poseidon.*

~ Dana'an
*o zeus! o father! o king!*
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