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On 5/2/2021 5:01 PM, De'vID wrote:
> In TKD, the following words are defined:
> {jol} "transport beam"
> {jolpa'} "transport room"
> These definitions are used consistently throughout the book, in both 
> the body and the word lists, and in the translations of these 
> sentences containing these words:
> {jolpa'[Daq] yIjaH} "Go to the transport room!"
> {jol yIchu'} "Activate the transport beam!"
> Outside of TKD (including in both the filmed dialogue and written 
> script of Star Trek III), these are always referred to as the 
> "transporter beam" and "transporter room" in English. (Indeed, the 
> English version of the lines in the script which are spoken in Klingon 
> say "transporter".)
> Question: Should these definitions and lines be "corrected" to say 
> "transporter" instead, in maintained word lists?
> It was recently pointed out to me that {boQwI'} had defined these 
> "erroneously" as "transport beam" and "transport room", the user 
> assuming and expecting the "transporter" versions to be correct. Of 
> course, {boQwI'} is just following TKD here. But if these are agreed 
> to be canon errors, then the entries should be corrected and noted, as 
> other errors are.
> Weirdly, there is also this word which uses "transporter" in the 
> definition:
> {jolvoy'} "transporter ionizer unit"
> This is most certainly a transposition of "transporter unit ionizer":
> https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Transporter_unit_ionizer 
> <https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Transporter_unit_ionizer>
> Later, in Power Klingon, {jol SeHlaw} is translated as "transporter 
> control panel". Still later, the Klingon BIrd-Of-Prey poster 
> translates {jolpa'} as "transporter room". So there's canon 
> justification for changing the definitions to use "transporter".

/Transporter/ and /transport/ are synonymous in this context, and the 
Klingons say /transport /in /Star Trek III. /There's no error here. 
Okrand was just going along with the terminology of the movie he made 
the dictionary for.


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