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In TKD, the following words are defined:
{jol} "transport beam"
{jolpa'} "transport room"

These definitions are used consistently throughout the book, in both the
body and the word lists, and in the translations of these sentences
containing these words:
{jolpa'[Daq] yIjaH} "Go to the transport room!"
{jol yIchu'} "Activate the transport beam!"

Outside of TKD (including in both the filmed dialogue and written script of
Star Trek III), these are always referred to as the "transporter beam" and
"transporter room" in English. (Indeed, the English version of the lines in
the script which are spoken in Klingon say "transporter".)

Question: Should these definitions and lines be "corrected" to say
"transporter" instead, in maintained word lists?

It was recently pointed out to me that {boQwI'} had defined these
"erroneously" as "transport beam" and "transport room", the user assuming
and expecting the "transporter" versions to be correct. Of course, {boQwI'}
is just following TKD here. But if these are agreed to be canon errors,
then the entries should be corrected and noted, as other errors are.

Weirdly, there is also this word which uses "transporter" in the definition:
{jolvoy'} "transporter ionizer unit"

This is most certainly a transposition of "transporter unit ionizer":

Later, in Power Klingon, {jol SeHlaw} is translated as "transporter control
panel". Still later, the Klingon BIrd-Of-Prey poster translates {jolpa'} as
"transporter room". So there's canon justification for changing the
definitions to use "transporter".

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