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On Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 09:07:02AM -0400, SuStel wrote:
>We also don't know much about how the climate of Kronos may have 
>influenced the development of Klingon in this matter. In English we 
>have words for the cold season /(winter),/ the hot season /(summer),/ 
>the season when growth begins /(spring),/ and the season where 
>hibernation begins (/autumn/ or/fall/). But we don't have native words 
>for the rainy and dry seasons of equatorial climates, because English 
>did not develop in this kind of climate. So I don't take it as an 
>absolute given that Klingon should name the same seasons that we from 
>temperate climates do, or that if we see them name one of our seasons 
>that that name is the standard term for a common idea among Klingons.

Specifically, if Qo'noS doesn't have much axial tilt and has a fairly 
circular orbit around its star, it might not have meaningful seasons as 
we know them at all. In that case, perhaps {qImroq} is an old word for 
something similar to be not exactly like a season (say, a period of 
time, or the duration of war, or something like that) that then got 
repurposed after the Klingons discovered other planets and realized that 
their climates varied throughout the year.

  - SapIr

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