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On 3/24/2021 8:40 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> Am 24.03.2021 um 13:26 schrieb mayqel qunen'oS:
>> 'oqranD:
>>> Maltz didn't know of any special way to say "overwinter." He said
>>> to just say something like {qaStaHvIS qImroq bIrqu', nuqDaq Qong
>>> valqe'mey?} if that covers what they're driving at.
>> I wonder whether the {qImroq bIrqu'} should be taken as the Ca'non way
>> of expressing "winter".
> I think that should be okay. Okrand has used {qImroq tuj} before on
> qep'a' 2016

Without further explanation, it should be considered "a thing that 
Okrand has canonically said" rather than "the canonical way to translate 
/winter./" I wouldn't expect the *-qu'* to be mandatory, for instance, 
and we cannot rule out the possibility that the given sentence is meant 
to express something like /what if there's an unusually cold season?/

We also don't know much about how the climate of Kronos may have 
influenced the development of Klingon in this matter. In English we have 
words for the cold season /(winter),/ the hot season /(summer),/ the 
season when growth begins /(spring),/ and the season where hibernation 
begins (/autumn/ or/fall/). But we don't have native words for the rainy 
and dry seasons of equatorial climates, because English did not develop 
in this kind of climate. So I don't take it as an absolute given that 
Klingon should name the same seasons that we from temperate climates do, 
or that if we see them name one of our seasons that that name is the 
standard term for a common idea among Klingons.

I would, at most, say that *qImroq bIr* is an acceptable way to express 
/winter,/ whether or not it's THE way. It means /cold season,/ and that 
simply describes winter, just as /rainy season/ describes an equatorial 
season but we don't have a word for it and it's not THE way to say it.


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