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> The verb {rIQ} has two meanings:
> 1. be injured
> 2. be damaged

They're the same meaning.

> And we see the "be damaged" meaning in the following Ca'Non sentence:
> Dumer DIvI' QaS 'ej DuHIv, vaj bIwunchoH 'ej bIrIQchoH
> Surprise attack by Federation leaves you unprotected and damaged. MKE
> What I'm wondering (since I don't know the context of the Ca'Non sentence
> in question) is this:
> Can we use the {rIQ} for inanimate objects too (e.g. buildings, vessels,
> etc) meaning that they are damaged,

I don't know if it can be done generally, but that specific Klingon
Monopoly card is identifying damage to the player's forces with injury to
the player.

> or does the mke sentence refer to the physical body of the player which
> has been damaged i.e. injured?

Some of the game cards identify the player with his/her forces (troops and
buildings). When it says "you" are damaged/injured, it's talking about the
players' forces.

The word {rIQ} appears on another card (where its meaning is about injured

{jorwI'mey ghaymo' qarDaSnganpu', Hegh SuvwI'pu'lI' law' 'ej rIQ
SuvwI'pu'lI' law'}
"Suffer major losses after Cardassian bombing campaign."

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