[tlhIngan Hol] the "be damaged" meaning of rIQ

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Mon Mar 1 04:58:47 PST 2021

The verb {rIQ} has two meanings:

1. be injured
2. be damaged

And we see the "be damaged" meaning in the following Ca'Non sentence:

Dumer DIvI' QaS 'ej DuHIv, vaj bIwunchoH 'ej bIrIQchoH
Surprise attack by Federation leaves you unprotected and damaged. MKE

What I'm wondering (since I don't know the context of the Ca'Non sentence
in question) is this:

Can we use the {rIQ} for inanimate objects too (e.g. buildings, vessels,
etc) meaning that they are damaged, or does the mke sentence refer to the
physical body of the player which has been damaged i.e. injured?

~ Dana'an
remain klingon
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