[tlhIngan Hol] Callimachus Hymn IV To Delos excerpt

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Thu Jun 3 05:59:38 PDT 2021

On 6/3/2021 6:50 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> en translation:
>> of goddesses most excellent far
> jIH:
>> SoH povqu' law' Hoch povqu' puS
> In case the {-qu'} on the {pov} seems strange, I chose to use it as a
> result of the Ca'Non paq'batlh sentence of: {SoH rallaw' law' Hoch
> rallaw' puS}.
> The en translation doesn't say "of goddesses most excellent"; it says
> "most excellent far". So, if I just wrote the law'/puS construction
> without the {-qu'} on the {pov}, I think that the "far" wouldn't be
> expressed.

I've got no problem with it. It seems well within the known flexibility 
of *law'/puS.*

> en translation:
>> and thou, O Queen wilt know who is the cause of thine anger
> jIH:
>> 'ej SoH'e', 'o che'wI', QeHlIj qaSmoHpu'bogh nuv Dangu'
> The {SoH'e'} isn't intended as "as for you"; it's intended with it's
> exclusivity role: "of everyone it is *you* Hera, who will identify the
> cause of your anger".

The structure of the English sentence is to emphasize the /thou/ by 
following it with a parenthetical term of direct address. But Klingon 
expresses this kind of emphasis with *-'e',* not by reordering 
sentences. I'd translate this line like so:

*QeHlIj qaSmoHpu'bogh nuv Dangu' SoH'e', 'o che'wI'.
*/YOU (out of everyone) will identify the person who has caused your 
anger, o ruler./

I don't know for sure that focus is really called for here; I don't get 
an "out of everyone" feeling from the English. But if you want one, 
that's how I'd do it.

> I've never read the paq'batlh
> I don't intend to ever read the paq'batlh

The story is meh. The grammar is interesting.


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