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Even today many educated people think that the victory of Christianity over
Greek philosophy is a proof of the superior truth of the former - although
in this case it was only the coarser and more violent that conquered the
more spiritual and delicate. So far as superior truth is concerned, it is
enough to observe that the awakening sciences have allied themselves point
by point with the philosophy of Epicurus, but point by point rejected

- Friedrich Nietzsche


*christianity* vIt nIv law' 'elaDya' *philosophy* nIv puS 'e' luHar
law'bogh nuv Han, vabDot qaStaHvIS poHvam, 'ej vuDvam lughaj, 'elaDya'
*philosophy* jeypu'mo' *christianity*, 'ach wa' ngoD potlh lutlhojbe'; qa'
mIw 'oHbogh vay''e' Hoybogh vay' charghpu' ralbogh 'ej Hoybe'bogh vay'. 'ej
nIvbogh vIt'e', wa' tlhojlu'chugh, yap: ngIq* epicurus* *philosophy
*nger lulajchu'pu'
narghchoHpu'bogh QeD, 'ach ngIq *christianity *vItqoq lulajpu'Qo'.

- friedrich nietzsche

~ Dana'an
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