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*Dysnomia* - spirit of lawlessness and poor civil constitution.

*Dyssebeia* - spirit of impiety.

*Eirene* - goddess of peace.

*Eiresione* - personification of the olive branch.

*Ekecheiria* - spirit of truce, armistice, and the cessation of all
hostilities; honoured at the Olympic Games.

*Eleos* - spirit of mercy, pity, and compassion.

*Elpis*  - spirit of hope and expectation.

*Epiphron* - spirit of prudence, shrewdness, thoughtfulness, carefulness,
and sagacity.

*Eris* - spirit of strife, discord, contention, and rivalry.

*The Erotes* - Anteros (god of requited love), Eros (god of love and sexual
intercourse), Hedylogos (god of sweet talk and flattery), Hermaphroditus
(god of unions, androgyny, marriage, sexuality and fertility), Himeros (god
of sexual desire), Hymen or Hymenaeus (god of marriage ceremonies,
inspiring feasts and song), Pothos (god of sexual longing, yearning, and


*dysnomia* - mItHa’bogh chutmeymo’ QaplaHbe’ Sep, bIvtaH rewbe’pu’;
ghu’meyvam ‘oS qa’vam.

*dyssebeia* - nuv vuvHa’moH *dyssebeia*.

*eirene* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’; roj Qun.

*eiresione* - *olive* bartIq ‘oS.

*ekecheiria* - rojHom qa’, noH mevta’ghach ru’ qa’, yol ta’mey mevta’ghach
qa’. qaStaHvIS *olympia* pIqcho’ qaDmey, *ekecheiria* luquvmoH.

*eleos* - Sotlaw’taHvIS vay’, latlhvaD vay’vam SaHmoH ‘ej QaHqangmoH
qa’vam; latlh vupmoH *eleos*; pung qa’.

*elpis* - nuv tullaHmoH qa’vam. tagha’ choH ghu’ qab ‘ach SIQnIS nuv ‘ej
tuvnIS nuvvaD ‘e’ HarmoH *elpis*.

*epiphron* - nabtaHvIS nuv, Hoj; valmo’ vay’, yajlaHchu’; latlhpu’ SaH
vay’; yep nuv; valmo’ vay’, wIv lugh wIvlaH; Hochvam qa’ ghaH *epiphron*‘e’.

*eris* - ralchollaHbogh yol; QochtaH nuvpu’; SoltaH ‘op; ghol chaHtaH;
Hochvam chIw qa’vam.

*erotes* - *anteros* (wa’ muSHa’ latlh, ‘ej latlhvam muSHa’choH je wa’vam;
ghu’vam chIw *anteros*). *eros* (muSHa’moH qa’vam, ‘ej ngaghmoH).
*hedylogos* (latlhvaD wa’vaD ‘IHbogh mu’mey jatlhmoH qa’vam, latlhvaD
wa’vaD ‘IHbogh ‘ach ‘IlHa’bogh mu’mey jatlhmoH je). *hermaphroditus*
(parmaq ruSmey qa’. loD be’ je DI’onmey ‘agh ‘op nuv; ghu’vam qa’. tlhogh
qa’. nga’chuq ‘op, puqpu’ boghmoHlaH; ghu’meyvam qa’). *himeros* (ngagh nuv
ghaHvaD neHmoH loD ghaHbogh Qunvam’e’). *hymen* (*hymenaeus* ghap) (tlhogh
taymey loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’; lopmey SIQmeH nuvpu’, ‘ej bommeH, nuvpu’ pIlmoH
Qunvam). *pothos* (ngagh nuv ghaHvaD neHmoH loD ghaHbogh Qunvam’e’; ngagh
neHchugh nuv, ‘ach qItbe’chugh, ngagh nuvvam ghaHvaD neHqu’moH ‘ej
neHchu’moH *pothos*).

~ Dana'an
*O father of gods and men, o great Zeus!*
*O queen of Olympus, o queen of the gods, o great Hera!*
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