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*Pallas* - According to Apollodorus, he was flayed by Athena, who used his
skin as a shield. Other accounts name others whose hyde provided Athena's
aegis: the epic poem Meropis has Athena kill and flay the Giant Asterus
while Euripides' Ion has Gorgon, here considered to be a Giant, as Athena's
victim. Claudian names him as one of several Giants turned to stone by
Minerva's Gorgon shield.

*Pelorus* - According to Claudian, he was killed by Mars, the Roman
equivalent of Ares.

*Picolous* - A Giant who fled the battle and came to Circe's island and
attempted to chase her away, only to be killed by Helios. It is said that
the legendary moly plant first sprang forth from Picolous' blood as it
seeped into the ground.


*pallas* - *pallas* Surghpu’ *athena*, ‘ej yoD’eghmeH, DIrDaj lo’pu’,
jatlhpu’ *apollodorus*. ‘ach *athena* *aegis* mojpu’ *giants* pIm DIr ‘e’
luSovmoH latlh: *asterus* HoH ‘ej Surgh *athena* ‘e’ ‘otHa’ *meropis* Sub
lut Delbogh ghuQ nI”e’, ‘ach *gorgon* HoHpu’ *athena* ‘e’ SovmoH *euripides*’
*ion* (*gorgon*vaD *giant* Dam *ion* lut). *minerva* *gorgon* yoDmo’
‘anchoHpu’ ‘op *giants*, ‘ej nagh mojpu’ porghchaj, jatlh *claudian*;
*pallas* yugh je *giants* ghomvam ‘e’ SovmoH ghuQ qonwI’vam.

*pelorus* - *pelorus* HoHpu’ *mars* ‘e’ SovmoH *claudian* (rapchu’ *ares*
DI’onmey *mars* DI’onmey je ‘e’ luDam ‘Italya’ngan tIQ).

*picolous* - may’ Haw’pu’ *giant*vam, *circe* ‘ambay paw’pu’, ‘ej *circe*
Haw’moHmeH, nIDpu’, ‘ach tagha’ *giant*vam HoHpu’ *helios*. *picolous* ‘Iw
bumtaHvIS yav, wIch San’emDer *moly* narghmoHpu’ ‘Iwvam net jatlh.

~ Dana'an
*zeus was, zeus is, zeus will be; o great zeus!*
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