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>Am 28.07.2021 um 00:03 schrieb James Landau:
>> Agreed. Although people often mention "having a Y chromosome" or "having
>> two X chromosomes", the only times I can think of that I've used
>> "vanadium" are when I was reciting the first thirty elements of the
>> periodic table by heart.
>I agree that most elements are not useful in the sense of needing them
>often, but I would wish the entire periodic system to be available in
>Klingon, just for completeness.
>Here's a list of those we already have:

Since 1998, I've been working on a project, for my own conlanging, and to help other conlangers and language learners, called the Landau Core Vocabulary (LCV). It's a word list of the important words to cover, with the lexical distinctions different languages make (such as "daughter (of a mother)" versus "daughter (of a father)" covered.

Part I is a Swadesh-esque list of 200 basic concepts. Part II is adverbs, pronouns, function words, grammatical functions, and conversational phrases. Part III is numbers. Part IV is the most common adjectives, verbs, and nouns. Part V is more specialized but still important words in content areas. Part VI is slang (and conversation-only words like "mhm"). There is also an appendix with proper names.

So anyway, here are the words I have in the Chemistry sections of the LCV -- in Part IV and Part V. Here I have added the Klingon translations for words that have them.


carbon: ghav

oxygen: yInSIp

iron: 'uSqan

silver: SIrlIy

gold: qol'om

lead: ngIDvoS

bronze: jey' Sorpuq

steel: ghav 'uSqan

to rust: ragh

acid: pey

compound: ghalmov


hydrogen: bIQSIp

helium: julSIp

lithium: puj

nitrogen: voQSIp


sodium: popSop


aluminum: bettI'

silicon: Santlhar


sulfur: no'negh



calcium: 'apraQ

titanium: yuHSIQ


nickel: yayal

copper: Sorpuq

zinc: rom'on

tin: jey'

iodine: jelwaS


mercury: letbIng



uranium: tarngeb

plutonium: butnat


proton: valtIn

neutron: yomIj

electron: tem (same as the word for "deny", as in Kankonian, but Okrand says this is just a coincidence!)


atom: HeySel

molecule: 'o'rIS

ion: tat

base (opposite of acid): 'evtlhev

So we're still missing some frequently used element words like "neon", "phosphorus", and "potassium". Let's break out the ra'taj and say a toast that Marc Okrand lives long enough to give us the whole periodic table!
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