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>There?s a Gilbert and Sullivan song that became a Tom Lehrer parody that would be wonderful in Klingon, if we ever get the entire >periodic table.
>charghwI? ?utlh
>(ghaH, ghaH, -Daj)

What do you suppose americium would be called? Would the name of seaborgium be a pun referencing the Borg? Would copernicium be called *pIchQIm* or (*'epInqulcher*)?
With the revelation of words for "X-ray" and "X chromosome", our English-Klingon dictionary got its first X-words at this qep'a'. (I actually had a part in this, by requesting a word for "X chromosome" at the chabal tetlh.) I think a word for "xenon" would be a nifty affition.
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