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>>On Tue., Jul. 27, 2021, 02:39 James Landau, <savegraduation at yahoo.com>>>wrote:
>> HuDngech (sine) -- sounds like Chengdu backwards, although I'm not sure
>> what Chengdu has to do with sine waves -- perhaps the prefix Sino- for
>> Chinese?
>You're overthinking this. {HuD} and {ngech} are the words for mountain and
Oh, so it wasn't even a pun, just a (relatively) straightforward derivation. I don't have the words *HuD* and *ngech* in my working vocabulary yet, so I didn't notice this.

>>ngur (to be autistic/Aspie) -- maybe "nerd"?

Bazinga! Think you've nailed it.
Would "autism"  or "Asperger's" be "HarqIn ngur" (or *ngurbogh HarqIn", perhaps?), to use one of my requests from the 2020 qep'a'?
"Aspies" would be *ngurwI'pu'*, I believe.

>yelneHSIQ (vanadium) -- backwards, this is Chris Henley -- anyone have any
>idea who Chris Henley is? Googling "'chris henley' vanadium" doesn't help.
>Chris Henley is a friend of Marc Okrand and used to work with him at WSC
>Avant Bard. I don't know why Okrand chose Henley's name for vanadium, but
>he's honoured various people in his life with Klingon words not necessarily
>related to their names over the years, so there might be no connection to
>vanadium at all.
Thanks for the explanation! I googled "'chris henley' 'marc okrand'" after you told me that, but even then, I just got 4 Google hits. They were about WSC Avant Bard, though. (Heh, Avant Bard, reminds me of the surname of the latest National Spelling Bee champion, Avant-garde.)
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