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>Am 27.07.2021 um 02:39 schrieb James Landau:
>> lIS'ab (rodent) -- like Basil the Rat, from Fawlty Towers
>I'm not so sure that rat is so important in that show. My first guess
>was the same name, from a movie title "Basil the Great Mouse Detective".
>It might be both, of course.

Oh. I've heard of The Great Mouse Detective, but I didn't recall the protagonist's name being Basil.
It could very well be both. Think of *InSep*: at one level, it's just an anagram for "penis", but at another level, it could be said to represent the InSep-tion of a new life.

>One other thing, which is not a pun, but a useful background: Maltz said>there are two words for Korea, and this was confusing for Klingons.
>The Korean language has two different names for the southern and the
>northern part. In North Korea, it is called Chos?n, which refers to an
>ancient kingdom Go-Joseon. See Klingon spelling {choSan}. South Korea is
>called Hanguk (roughly translated as "Han-Empire"). Klingon spelling
>As the definition was given for "Korea" only, it is possible that in the
>future, the parts are re-united into one country, which explains why
>Klingons use both terms.

While I was awaiting ALL of the new country names from the chabal tetlh (We can talk about the geography of Asia now! Yay!), I was especially curious about Korea, since there's a North Korea and a South Korea as of 2021, and I wondered how Marc Okrand was going to deal with this. This sounds like the ideal solution!
Now we can say *Hanghuq Hol* (or *choSan Hol*) and *Hanghuq Qat QoQ*!
And when I was reading over the list of country names, with Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Romania added, I was shocked to realize that we don't have a Klingon word for "Mexico" yet!
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