[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "turn on the lights" and electricity terms

Will Martin willmartin2 at mac.com
Thu Jul 22 05:21:16 PDT 2021

In English, we say, “The electric company shut off our power,” or we say, “Power was shut off to the house,” or we say “Nobody paid the electric bill,” or we just stand there, stupidly flipping the switch on and off, blinking and wondering what is wrong, and maybe walk over to a different light switch and do the same, and maybe plug in a charger to see if the power light comes on, and maybe wander over to the circuit breaker box (which we still call a “fuse box” even though circuit breakers have replaced fuses almost universally decades ago) before recognizing that the problem isn’t local to the house.

In other words, there isn’t one right way to say it. Likely, the same is true in Klingon.

Since it wasn’t included among the quotes, perhaps my previous suggestion didn’t get through the spam filter:

qachvamvaD ‘ul peSHa’lu’.

That would be the rough equivalent of the English, “Power has been shut off to the building” 


> On Jul 22, 2021, at 8:05 AM, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> lieven:
>> So we get {'ul chu'Ha'lu'} "Electricity has been deactivated".
>> Okay, you might argue that "gravity" is a device on a ship, but
>> "electricity" is not. But still, I think it works.
> I agree with your suggestion 100%! Perhaps it sounds strange in
> english saying "someone disengaged, deactivated the electricity" but I
> don't think that the klingon sounds strange.
> I also thought of saying {QapHa' 'ul} although this gives me the
> feeling that the electricity comes and goes, or that the voltage is
> unsteady, or whatever..
> And *still* no one told me, how the jay' you say it in english..
> ~ Dana'an
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