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On 7/8/2021 9:06 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> I just want to point out that the English verb “marry” is used in a way that everything here said about {tlhogh} perhaps excludes. A priest marries a couple.
> I have officiated the weddings of two of my step-children. In my state, any citizen can request a one-event license to officiate a wedding for a specific couple, hence my personal familiarity with the verb. My neighbor similarly officiated my marriage to my wife.
> So, in this sense, I didn’t marry my wife. My wife and I were married by my neighbor.

In English, /marry/ is used in any of these ways: your neighbor married 
you and your wife*; you married your wife; you and your wife married. 
All of these are correct usages.

This is undoubtedly why Okrand gave us examples of the correct usage of 
*tlhogh:* to avoid confusing all the English senses of the word. 
*be'nallI' Datlhoghpu'*/You married your wife;/ *Sutlhoghchuqpu' SoH 
be'nallI' je*/You and your wife married;/ but not *SoH be'nallI' je 
lItlhoghpu' jIllI'.* Instead it must be *SoH be'nallI' je lItlhoghmoHpu' 
jIllI'*/Your neighbor married you and your wife./

* She who is your wife /now,/ that is. I won't correct this each time.


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