[tlhIngan Hol] using {'op} with {law'} and {puS}

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Fri Jul 23 04:52:47 PDT 2021

> I think you are leaning heavily upon the “an unknown or unspecified
> part of the gloss and skipping over the perhaps more meaningful “some”
part of the gloss.

You're right about that. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

> I will confess an aversion to things said of Klingon that start with
> “I just realized there’s no rule against…” or “It occurs to me that you

I understand, and respect this; in fact I feel a similar aversion/disgust
to people hitting the "like" button everytime an "expert" writes anything
on facebook.. And I'm writing "expert" because a person who has never
answered a difficult question, isn't an expert. However, many rush to feed
these people's ego, a phenomenon which disgusts me. Groveling before
"masters" is shameful and pathetic.

> This is 100% my personal reaction, in that it feels like, “I know that I
could spend decades
> actually using the language without ever needing to deal with this odd
little grammatical issue,
> but I don’t really care enough about learning to use the language to get
practice by using it.
> I’d rather just poke at it.”

Again, I'm sorry you see it this way, however I totally respect your view
on the matter. But two things here:

1. The need for this thread appeared when I needed to express "an unknown
quantity which is small". Unfortunately, I cannot share the sentence
because it concerns something personal I was thinking at the time.

2. You would be *very* surprised to the amount of info which has been
disclosed in the past six years, after my "poking" of the language. And I
will give an example:

Sometime ago I wondered about the {mej}/{tlheD} difference. Or rather
"poked at it" as you would say.. One option was to use them
randomly/interchangeably, and the other was to ask, a thing which I did..
Of course, no one knew at the time, but a little later 'oqranD disclosed
their difference.

Something similar happened with the verb {chol}, with a comment from
'oqranD on the noun {Daq}, with the {qey'Hav} (where I was asked by 'oqranD
through lieven if the word was to express only the vulva or the vagina
too), and the list goes on..

With the exception of {qey'Hav}, I don't know how these information came to
be disclosed a little later after my asking; I can imagine, but anyway the
"how" isn't what's important here.

And I'm not writing all this because I want a medal or something; I'm
writing this to show that we all contribute to the language, each in his
own way:

SuStel and De'vID contribute by being experts (something which they've
proven by answering difficult questions), voragh shares his archive which
I'm sure took a lot of work to compile, qurgh maintains the infrastructure
that we use..

And I contribute by poking.. Does this "poking" become obnoxious at times?
Perhaps.. But all that matters, is that if Hermes the psychopomp came for
me today, I would happy crossing over, knowing that there are things in the
language which exist because I "poked".

wa' Dol nIvDaq matay'DI' maQap

~ Dana'an
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