[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "the nerve of this guy"

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The closest direct equivalent of "nerve" in this sense is probably {butlh} ("gall; dirt under one's fingernails"). However, this is generally seen as quite a positive trait to have; something to say if you're a bit impressed that he's trying to charge you for the damages.

You could say something like {quv Hutlh} or {nur Hutlh} to describe somebody who acts shamelessly, or {nguq} for somebody with an overinflated ego, or {tlhIv} if they're challenging somebody who outranks them.

For the example with the damages, I'd say {quv/nur Hutlh} makes the most sense, because the person seems to be out to make material gains without regard for what people will think of them; they'd rather be rich and reviled than poor and admired.

If the person is trying to claim damages in order to give off an appearance of innocence, {Qaq} might be appropriate.

If speaking directly to the person, {bItaHrup'a'?} may get some of the idea across.



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In english we say "can you believe, the nerve of this guy?", which I
think is described by one of the meanings of the adjective "bold" as
"impudent/presumptuous", as is shown here:

Also, according to merriam-webster one of the definitions of "nerve"
is: "assurance, boldness also: presumptuous audacity: gall".

So, I ask..

You want to say "Can you imagine the nerve of that guy? Although he
crashed my car, he wants me to pay for the damages he caused to that
poor man's house too".

How would you express in klingon this meaning of the word "nerve"? I
don't think we could use the verb {jaq}, since according to kgt, the
{jaqmoH} "embolden" can be said of music, which I don't think means
the negative meaning of "the nerve of that guy".

~ Dana'an
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