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Wed Jan 20 10:49:03 PST 2021

ghItlh lay'tel SIvten:

> As for Okrand owning the language, I don't believe that's true, or even possible.
>(Not to mention Paramount's claims of ownership.)

Neither Paramount nor CBS have ever made claims of ownership.  The closest that has happened is CBS's claim that the use of the Klingon language along with other recognizable features makes a creative work recognizably a copy of their copyrighted properties.  CBS cannot have ownership of more than individual lines they asked Dr. Okrand for.  If there is any ownership to be had (outside of published lines), it would belong to Dr. Okrand who created the language on his own and used it to provide the requested film and television lines and to write a book (from which text and quotes would also be copyrighted).  However, the question of even being able to own a constructed language is highly suspect, though it has never been fully tested in the courts.  The problem is that if CBS decides to ask the courts to test the limits of what it owns with regard to the language versus what fans can use with the implied consent of Dr. Okrand, the fans are likely to be at a financial disadvantage for proper defense.

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