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Sun Dec 26 03:48:57 PST 2021


Returning to the original subject, there's the matter of objectivity
of such a committee which needs to be discussed.

A fan asks for a word, and the committee responds that such a word is
unnecessary. But one can wonder:

1. If a member of that committee is hired by lets say a software
company, in order to translate something for them, and a new word is
needed, then what will that committee member think of first? The needs
of the language, or the needs of his bank account?

2. Would someone who's into klingon professionaly accept to join such
a committee in the first place, if the prerequisite was not to use
klingon professionaly, in order to ensure his objectivity?

3. Any member of such a commitee could deny the request of an simple,
ordinary fan. But if another member of the same committee wanted a
word, then would the other members deny the request of their buddies?
Because chances are that the people of that committee would already
know each other for decades.


QIn tlheghvam Soj wa'DIch vIDIghqa'. wuqtaHvIS Sarvam yej, yejvam SIghbe'lu''a'?

wa' mu' chu' HevmeH wa' Hol vIlle', tlhob, 'a tagha' jang yejvam: <
'utbe' mu'vam >. 'a SIvchoH vay':

1. nIqHom malja'vaD vay' mughmeH wa' yejvam jeSwI', nuvvam DIl
malja'vam, 'ej ngoQvam chavmeH nuvvam, mu' chu' chennISmoH nuvvam;
chay' ngugh vang nuvvam? wa'DIch nuq qel 'ej buS? mu'mey'e'
ghajnISbogh Hol qel'a' 'ej buS'a'? beylI' HuchDaj qel'a' 'ej buS'a'?

2. nuvvam SIghbe'lu'meH, - Sarvam yejDaq jeStaHvIS  - not Holmo' Huch
HevnISqa'chugh nuvvam, DuHvam lajqang'a' nuvvam, Sarvam yejDaq

3. vIlle' motlh, vIlle' le'be' chabal lajlaHQo' Sarvam yej jeSwI'. 'a
yejvam jeSwI' chabal lulajlaHQo''a' latlh yejvam jeSwI'?  maqochchaj
lubelHa'qangmoH'a' latlh yejvam jeSwI'? yejvamDaq jeSchoHpu'pa' 'op,
qaStaHvIS maH DIS poH law', juppu' chaHchugh, chay' wa' nuv chabal
lajlaHQo' latlh?

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ

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