[tlhIngan Hol] hard truths about the future

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 04:13:13 PST 2021

> If your perception of the Klingon-speaking community is based
> on who's willing to participate in such discussions on this mailing list,
> your sample may be rather skewed

I know that it may seem that way, but during the past four years I've
read every thread in the facebook learn klingon group too. Although
there are people there, who by some are considered experts, I've never
read a single reply by them which one could classify as "the reply of
an expert".

.. And if someone wonders "then why are you there?", the answer is
because I want to read the replies of you and SuStel.

Also, when I came to this list 6 years ago, people who by some are
considered to be experts were active here, participating in threads.
But reading these threads again, I can't find a single reason to
accept any of them as true expert.

And in the past, I've scrolled through discord without again finding
any message of value.

An expert is an expert because he knows things an ordinary person
doesn't. An expert is an expert because he can explain things no other
can. An expert is someone whose words when read, you think "so this is
what's happening! I could never think of that on my own".

And the only people whose posts make me think that way are your's and SuStel's.

A ferrari is a ferrari because it has a number of characteristics no
other car has. And some cars will never be a ferrari. That's the
truth. It's not bad not having one, but it's ridiculous trying to
convince others that your run-of-the-mill car is indeed a ferrari.

Of course this is just my opinion, and everyone is free to believe
whatever he wants to believe. But I refuse to accept as experts people
who haven't demonstrated the slightest ability of an expert.

Because, as we say in Greece "the teacher next to who you'll sit, will
determine the things you'll learn"; meaning that the teacher you'll
accept and trust will determine how good you'll become.

If I took any of these people seriously, I wouldn't be able to even
write "my name is.." in Klingon.


teHlaw'; 'a qaStaHvIS loS DIS vorgh, Hoch facebook learn klingon ghom
QIn vIlaDpu' je. pa' 'op nuv tu'lu', 'ej chaHvaD po'wI' luDamlu', 'a
jangmeH QInmeychaj vIlaDtaHvIS, not po'wI' mu'mey vItu'pu'.

.. DaH SIvchoHchugh vay': < vaj qatlh pa' SoHtaH? > jIjang: < SoH
SuStel je jangmeH QInmey vIlaD vIneHmo' >

'ej potlh latlh ngoD je; jav ben naDev vIpawpu', ngugh naDev chaHtaH
'op'e', jeS, 'ej 'opvamvaD po'wI' luDamlu'. pIj poHvam QIn tlheghmey
vIlaDqa', 'a not nuvpu'vamvaD po'wI'na' vIDamchoHlaH.

pa'logh, discord vIlaDpu', 'a not lo'laHbogh QIn vItu'pu'.

nuv motlh Sov neH ghajlaH vay', po'wI' ghaHbe'bej. pagh'e' QIjlaHbogh
vay' QIjlaHmo' vay', po'wI'na' ghaH nuvvam'e'. vay' mu'mey
DalaDtaHvIS, bIQubchoHchugh < vaj QInvam 'oH QIjchu'ghach'e'! not
nIteb QIjchu'ghach'e' 'otHa'pu'bogh nuvvam vIQublaHpu' > *nuvvam* ghaH

'ej yabwIjDaq mu'meyvam narghmoHlaH SoH SuStel je neH QInmey.

'op DI'on le'mo' ferrari 'oH ferrari'e', 'ej not ferrari moj 'op puH
Duj. vItvam temlaH pagh. ferrari ghajbe'chugh vay', qabbe'. 'a ferrari
'oH puHDaj motlh'e' latlhpu'vaD 'e' ponmeH vay', nIDchugh, tagha'
nuS'egh nuvvam.

'a vuDwIj neH vI'otHa', 'ej jaS HarlaH Hoch. 'a not po'wI'na' laH
'aghpu'chugh vay', vay'vamvaD po'wI' vIDamQo'.

'elaDya'Daq wa' vIttlhegh tu'lu':  < ghojmoHwI' retlhDaq bIba'; tagha'
Sov Dachavbogh perchu' ghojmoHwI'vam'e' > povchugh ghojmoHwI'vam, pov
je tagha' ghojmoHwI'vammo' Sov Dachavpu'bogh. ngoDvam Del vIttleghvam.

tlhIngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS, vabDot < .. 'oH pongwIj'e' >
jIjatlhlaHbe'chu', Sarvam nuvpu' vIvoqpu'chugh.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ

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