[tlhIngan Hol] hard truths about the future

Tim Stoffel tim at lionlamb.us
Thu Dec 23 12:32:17 PST 2021

In the end, if Klingon is to continue to propper, it is going to be
passed on. I suspect everyone here hopes this won't be for some time,
but it will happen. Although some will disagree, I feel that the best
way to handle the future of the language is by a committee. This
committee is best made up of 'enthusiasts' as opposed to 'experts',
even though many enthusiasts are functionally experts. They should be
chosen by their peers, e.g. everyone on this list, puls other noted
Klingonists. The committee would do the following:

1. Create as necessary; vet, modify and approve requests for new
2.Interpret the existing rules for phonology, phonotactics, syntax and
grammar. Only under exceptional circumstances would new rules be
3. While working to keep the language's core principles intact, adapt
to the changes that occur in the evolution of any living language.

It may be beneficial for the committee to accept vocabulary requests
anonymously, except maybe from a movie/show/theatrical producer who
needs considerable new vocabulary for their production.

It can be debated either way if the committee wants to work mainly in
anonymity, or in the open.

In the end, when trying to preserve the intellectual ideas that went
into Klingon, and at the same time, adapting to growth and change, a
committee is the best way. That way, no one person's ideas will
dominate, and questions can be looked at from a variety of angles, just
as they are now on this list. Maybe the committee would simply be
everyone on this list.

Tim Stoffel


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> It’s clear that you don’t consider me to be an expert.
> Same for the original Grammarian or any but one of the
> Beginners’ Grammarians, the head of the KLI, or all
> but one of the Friends of Maltz.

I never understood the need so many feel to be called an expert. Some
people should exercise some humility for a change.

> Your remarkable interest in Okrand’s passing

Ok, stop right there. I've never talked about "okrand's passing". I'm
talking about the day he chooses to retire. There's a difference.

> As people who are neither Dr. Marc Okrand nor Paramount, you or I can
> say whatever we like

Exactly. And as a fan of the language, I've the right to have my own

> Okrand or Paramount could sweep aside our suggestions on whim by
> presenting some other succession

I've never suggested anything.

> So, in terms of keeping the language going,
> I’m not that sure that your skills and SuStel’s skills necessarily
> ensure the survival of the language

I've never said that I have any considerable skill in klingon.

Anyway, I'm just stating my opinion. Contrary to other people, I don't
believe I'm someone important in the community, that my voice should
be heard, or that anyone should waste time even reading what I write.

So, will all due respect, if anyone is irritated by my opinion on this
matter, he can just press "delete".


- chaHvaD po'wI' luDamlu' luneHqu' 'op, 'ej not 'e' vIyajlaH.
nguqHa'choHchugh 'op, qabbe'.
- wa' jaj 'utlh moj 'oqranD; jajvetlh ghu' lubop mu'wIj.
- teH, 'ej Holvam vIlle' jIHmo' je, vuDwIj tlhIn vIghajlaH.
- not vay' vIchuppu'.
- < vItlh tlhIngan Hol laHwIj > not jIjatlhpu'. tlhIngan nughDaq potlh
'op 'e' luHar 'op, 'a not jIHvaD potlhwI' vIDamchoHpu'. < vuDwIj
qelnISlu' > not jIjatlhpu'. < Hoch vIqonbogh laDnIS Hoch > not
jIjatlhpu'. jIHvaD poHDaj lo'Ha'nIS pagh. vaj, jIyI', 'a vay'
berghchoHmoH Sojvam bopbogh vuDwIj'e', {Qaw'} 'uynIS.

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