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> This is how Gowron uses it in the introduction to the KCD Immersion
> Studies:  "There is no honor in being a {Qa'Hom}."

Typo or error in your notes? He says "There is no honour in *killing* a
{Qa'Hom}." He follows that by saying that after the player finishes the
game... excuse me, holodeck adventure... then they will no longer be as
weak as a {Qa'Hom}, and "then it will be an honour to kill you".

> My notes say that KCD also refers to a {lIghon Qa'Hom} or "Ligonian
> titmouse" -- a little alien animal that looks sort of {Qa'Hom}-ey.

As Lieven said, the text says "little animal (eg, ligonian titmouse)", and
the picture is of a hedgehog, but the Klingon expression {lIghon Qa'Hom}
does not appear anywhere. Probably someone mistranslated the English back
into Klingon out of context. In context, the "Ligonian titmouse" is only an
example of the type of insignificant animal that a {Qa'Hom}
resembles, i.e., it resembles it in being insignificant, and not
physically. (I'm sure Okrand made that up to cover for the fact that
someone on the game's production staff didn't realise a "titmouse" is a
type of bird, and not a type of rodent, which a hedgehog also is not!)

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