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In English, adverbs can modify verbs or adjectives or numbers or nouns.

I almost turned blue.

I turned almost blue.

I walked almost three miles.

Only I hit the baby in the head. I hit the only baby in the head. I hit the baby only in the head.

Klingon doesn’t have adverbs. It has “adverbials”. These modify verbs. Their placement in the sentence begins the verb clause (main or dependent) because it is grammatically linked to the verb.

Given this, I could only interpret {vabDot vIghro’ tIQ DagheplaH,} to mean “You’ll even be able to hold the ancient cat.” Maybe Okrand has used it otherwise in canon or maybe he’s explained how an adverbial could apply to a noun, and I’ll once again wince my way through yet another grammatical inconsistency, but from my perspective, rules is rules, and adverbials modify verbs.

This is why we call them adverbials and not “adverbs”.

-charghwI’, retired.

> On Aug 26, 2021, at 8:16 AM, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok.. In case someone hasn't realized it yet:
> I'm a cat, klingon is a vase, and its' grammar is the table on which the vase stands; I will push the vase, and I will push it again until it falls off, because that's what cats do.
> With this being said..
> I realized that there's something with regards to the {vabDot}, which goes for the {tlhoS} too.
> Suppose I write:
> vabDot vIghro' tIQ DagheplaH
> you'll be able to hold even the ancient cat
> you'll even be able to hold the ancient cat
> even *you* will be able to hold the ancient cat
> All these meanings are possible depending on the context.
> All this I knew, as far as the {vabDot} is concerned; but I just realized that all this can apply to the {tlhoS} too:
> tlhoS wa'vatlh cha'pujqut Dalo'nIS
> you'll need to use almost one hundred dilithium crystals
> you'll almost need to use one hundred dilithium crustals
> almost *you* will need to use one hundred dilithium crystals
> Granted.. Translation number two is weird, and translation number three is meaningless, but the important thing here is that seemingly/apparently, whatever goes for the {vabDot}, goes for the {tlhoS} too.
> ~ D
> here ancient kitty.. here ancient kitty..
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