[tlhIngan Hol] {'e'} of a sao and quotations

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Thu Aug 19 04:56:45 PDT 2021

I'm sorry, SuStel, I've to ask again on this matter, and don't
misunderstand me; I'm not trying to find a way to write nested quotations.
In fact, even if I could use them in klingon I wouldn't, since the whole
"he said that she said that they said.." gives me a feeling of old grannies
gossiping in the village.

But it seems that I've stumbled here on something I ignored, so I'd like to
clarify this further.

> The real question is whether you can say 'e' yIja' tell that.
> It seems that the answer is no. Whatever you want to report about is
either a noun or a quotation.
> I'm afraid I can't understand this; doesn't the {'e'} of a sao serve as a
> 'e' is a pronoun. It stands in for a sentence, not a noun. When I said
"either a noun or a quotation," I meant exactly that.

What I was about to ask next, was this:

Ok, but we *can* write {ghaH vIja'pu'} for "I've told him". Isn't {ghaH} a
pronoun too? So why can't we say too {'e' yIja'}?

The only explanation which came to mind, was that pronouns such as {jIH},
{SoH}, {ghaH}, etc can function as nouns too, something which the {'e'} of
a sao can't do. The {jIH}, {SoH}, {ghaH}, etc are pronouns and can be nouns
too, but the {'e'} can only be a pronoun.

Am I right?

~ Dana'an
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