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*Aetna* - Goddess of the volcanic Mount Etna in Sicily.

*Amphictyonis* - Goddess of wine and friendship between nations, a local
form of Demeter.

*Anthousai* - Flower nymphs.

*Aristaeus* - God of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing,
and hunting.

*Attis* - Vegetation god and consort of Cybele.

*Britomartis* - Cretan goddess of hunting and nets used for fishing,
fowling and the hunting of small game.

*Cabeiri* - Gods or spirits who presided over the Mysteries of the islands
of Lemnos and Samothrace:


*Chloris* - minor flower nymph and wife of Zephyrus.

*Comus* - God of revelry, merrymaking, and festivity.

*Corymbus* - God of the fruit of the ivy.

*The Curetes* - Guardians of infant Zeus on Mount Ida, barely distinguished
from the Dactyls and the Corybantes.

*Cybele* - A Phrygian mountain goddess.


*aetna* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’. *sicily*Daq qulHuD ‘oHbogh HuD’e’ tu’lu’,
‘ej ‘oHvaD *etna* ponglu’. HuDvam Qun ghaH *aetna*‘e’.

*amphictyonis* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’. *wine* Qun. wa’ SepvaD jup Da latlh
Sep; ghu’vam Qun. *demeter* Sar ghaH *amphictyonis*‘e’ ‘op DaqDaq net Dam.

*anthousai* - ‘InSong *nymphs*.

*aristaeus* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. *bees* lughajlu’, nIm wIb ngogh lInglu’,
Ha’DIbaH luQanlu’, *olive* Sor lupochlu’, wamlu’; Qu’meyvam Qun.

*attis* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. tI Qun. *cybele* ‘Ipnal.

*britomartis* - be’ ghaHbogh *crete* Qun’e’. ghotI’ jonmeH SIr’o’mey Qun.
gheD mach/gheD tIn/bo’Degh tlhab luwamlu’; Qu’meyvam Qun.

*cabeiri* - loD chaHbogh Qun’e’/qa”e’. *lemnos* *samothrace* je ‘ambaymey
taymey Qunpu’/qa’pu’. pongmey: *aitnaios*, *alkon*, *eurymedon*, *onnes*,

*chloris* - QIvbogh ‘InSong *nymph*. *zephyrus* be’nal.

*comus* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. wab vItlh lopmey Qun. QuchmoHbogh yupma’mey
Qun. loptaHvIS nuv, Sey; ghu’vam Qun ghaH je.

*corymbus* - loD ghaHbogh Qun’e’. ‘arDeH naH Qun.

*curetes* - loD chaHbogh Qun’e’. *ida* HuDDaq *zeus* (ngugh ghu ghaH)
luQanpu’. tlhoS rap *curetes*, *dactyls*, *corybantes* je net Dam.

*cybele* - be’ ghaHbogh Qun’e’. *phrygia* HuD-Qun.
~ Dana'an
*peQuch'eghmoH 'elaDya' Qunpu'na'*
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