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On 4/13/2021 4:41 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> Okay, so a new question occurred to me… Maybe we’ve been asking the 
> wrong question.
> Do we have any sex-gendered nouns besides mother, father, and other 
> blood relatives or spouses? Even then, Okrand slid in some odd ones, 
> like {tey’}, which basically means “a not-gender-specific child of a 
> same-gender sibling of one of your parents”.
> If there are no non-blood-relative-or-spouse sex-gender-specific 
> nouns, then the definitions are likely generally mail as a simple 
> style point in Okrand’s writing, like saying, “A person must trust his 
> instincts,” instead of “her instincts” or “his or her instincts” or 
> “their instincts”. It’s just the way he writes them, by default.

We have *ghojmoq*/nurse, nanny, governess,/ which does not appear to 
have a male version. Again, it's the English translation that is 
gendered; we don't know about the Klingon word.

Other than that, no we don't.


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