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> On 10/21/2020 11:24 AM, Will Martin wrote:
> I’m making no claims about lip movement similarities between the English
> meaning and {pIrmuS} and {bIS'ub}. I’m saying the lip movements of the two
> Klingon words are similar to each other, while the sound is remarkably
> different. Same vowels in the same position in each of two syllables, {p}
> and {b} are visually indistinguishable and the other differences are not
> visually obvious.
> Two words with tightly related meaning that have very similar lip
> movements, but very different sounds.
> The lip-movements of *pIr* and *bIS* are similar, but the movements of
> *muS* and *'ub* are very different.
wa' DoS wIqIp. nelbe'chuqbej.

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