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Wed Mar 25 05:44:31 PDT 2020

> In other words, Klingons don't think of the > word po' as having two
meanings. It has > just one meaning to them. It means po'.
> We just don't have a single English word
> that means exactly what po' means, so
> we're given a couple to try to give us a
> good understanding of what po' actually
> means.

This is an interesting opinion. And if things do work that way, then many
things need to change, with regards to how someone (and by "someone" I mean
me..) understands the known klingon vocabulary.

If things work that way, then {ghargh} isn't a serpent, and it isn't a worm
either.. It's something resembling both, with the words "serpent/worm"
being just the closest equivalent to the "real" {ghargh}.

Similarly {DuH} isn't a "possibility" nor an "option"; it's rather the
sum/combined meaning of both these english words.

I like this approach, and your argument convinces me.

> This is a good example to show the
> difference to {QaQ} "be good". {QaQ}
> shows the quality of something (like a
> good wine), and {po'} is used in
> this situation to show that Kirk really has > a lot of experience (hence
the definition
> "be expert") and he is a very skilled
> captain.

I hadn't noticed this difference. Good to know. Thanks.

~ mayqel qunen'oS
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