[tlhIngan Hol] can DIgh and bam be used for people ?

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> I won't ask whether the klingon {DIgh} and {bam} can be used for people,
> because the answer probably will be "we don't know".
> But in the case that these words work as their english definitions, then
> could these english definitions be used referring to people ?

The English idiom "deal with" can be used for people. Merriam-Webster dot
com <https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/deal%20with> gives one
definition as "to do something about (a person or thing that causes a
problem or difficult situation)". "Deal with" has some other meanings in
English, but based on the other glosses for {DIgh} and {bam}, I think the
"to do something about a problem or difficult situation" meaning is
probably what's intended. While we don't know for sure, until we get
further guidance from Maltz, I'd accept using {DIgh} and {bam} for people

{gharwI' DIgh HoD.} "The captain deals with the diplomat", "The captain is
taking care of some issue involving the diplomat."
{DaHjaj pInwI' QeH vIbam.} "I'm facing my angry boss today", "I have the
prospect of dealing with my angry boss today."
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