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>     Listen to the sounds on the Klingon CD. When Okrand speaks a syllable
>     like {bom} it rhymes more "bomb" than it does with "bo-u-m" or "bone".
>     {bot} does not rhyme with "boat".
> I (re-)listened to Conversational Klingon, and when Okrand says 
> {lenHom} (near the end of the second track called "Klingon cursing"), 
> it sounds to me like it does rhyme with "home" or "bone". He says 
> something like "len-home" (but with a {H}).

I find it difficult to distinguish between [o] and [oʊ]. The best clue 
to the presence of [oʊ] is that the vowel is long. Okrand uses a number 
of *o* vowels in /Conversational/ and /Power Klingon./ Some of them are 
short, as in *SoH.* Some of them are long, as in *lenHom.* Some of them 
change: when he says *toDSaH,* he pronounces a short vowel; when he says 
the first syllable of that in isolation, *toD,* he uses a long vowel.


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