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> Am 26.06.2020 um 23:00 schrieb SuStel:
> > According to the Klingon Wiki,
> >
> >     TKD describes the letter*o*as in "go or mosaic". This is confusing,
> >     because English speakers would do that with a diphthong, rhyming
> >     "go" with "glow" and saying "mosaic" like "mow-saic". This is not
> >     what Okrand intended. He just wanted to make clear that it's not o
> >     like in "cop" or "pot". The sound still is a clear "o" without a
> >     following u sound. The word*qepHom
> >     <http://klingon.wiki/bin/view/En/QepHom>*should NOT rhyme with
> "home".
> >[...]
> Listen to the sounds on the Klingon CD. When Okrand speaks a syllable
> like {bom} it rhymes more "bomb" than it does with "bo-u-m" or "bone".
> {bot} does not rhyme with "boat".

I (re-)listened to Conversational Klingon, and when Okrand says {lenHom}
(near the end of the second track called "Klingon cursing"), it sounds to
me like it does rhyme with "home" or "bone". He says something like
"len-home" (but with a {H}).

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