[tlhIngan Hol] naH in fruit names 'oQqar in vegetable names

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Fri Jul 24 06:10:22 PDT 2020

It's because those are no.-klingon items. I think anyone will understand if omitted, but grammatically, the additional word must always be added.


-- ssent forom the streets. Pkaese ecxuse any tpyos. 

Am 24. Juli 2020 14:29:31 MESZ schrieb mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com>:
>'epIl naH
>ghIrep naH
>Sutra'ber naH
>tera' na'ran
>tera' na'ran'a'
>'anyan 'oQqar
>gharlIq 'oQqar
>andl let's not forget
>tlhagh patat 'oQqar naQHom
>With regards to the fruits, I can't understand the rationale by which
>some fruits have the {naH} and some don't. Does this mean that while
>we can say {tanje'rInmey Soppu' qeSHoS}, we can't just say {'epIlmey
>Soppu' qeSHoS} ? Do we *need* to add the {naH} too, thus writing
>{'epIl naHmey Soppu' qeSHoS} ?
>Similarly, if we want to say "the chef put french fries next to the
>Can't we just say {Ha'DIbaH baylaD retlhDaq tlhagh patat naQHommey
>lanpu' vutwI'} ? Do we *need* to add the {'oQqar} too, thus writing
>{Ha'DIbaH baylaD retlhDaq tlhagh patat 'oQqar naQHommey lanpu' vutwI'}
>~ Qa'yIn
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