[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: tlhIngan Hubbeq

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Tue Jan 28 07:21:54 PST 2020

Klingon word: tlhIngan Hubbeq
Part of speech: noun
Definition: Klingon Defense Force

(KGT 51) :  The official Klingon {QI'} is the Klingon Defense Force, or {tlhIngan Hubbeq}, which is run by the Klingon High Command, or {tlhIngan ra'ghomquv}. The Defense Force is subdivided into units known as {yo'} and {nawlogh}, traditionally translated as "fleet" and "squadron", respectively, but the relationship between the two is not straightforward in terms of chain of command.

(KGT 38):  The Klingon military, of course, has a hierarchical structure of its own, with ranks and areas of authority spelled out explicitly. Various fleets and squadrons are loyal to various houses, though, as might be expected, the details of these alliances are subject to change. Within the Klingon Defense Force ({tlhIngan Hubbeq}), which includes the entire Klingon military apparatus, the highest officers tend to be members of influential houses, particularly the members of the ultimate military authority, the High Command {(ra'ghomquv}). 

  The Yan-Isleth, or "Brotherhood of the Sword", is an elite Klingon division charged with protecting the chancellor, whom they guard at all times; i.e. it's his personal security force. (DS9 "Apocalypse Rising") 

Hub  			defend (v)
Hub  			defense (n)
Hubbeq  		defense force (n)
Hub pat  		defensive system(s) (n)

QI'  			military (n)
QaS  			troops,  forces (n)
tlhIngan QaS 		Klingon forces (n) (MKE)
yan 'ISletlh  		Yan-Isleth (n) (MKE)
'ejyo'			Starfleet (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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