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Hello, all!

As some of you may have noticed, this month's edition of 'eSrIv contains a
number of new words used to translate DIS 2889 (In the Year 2889) by Jules

>From Dr. Okrand:

"Mars and Jupiter have two names, as do other planets in our solar system.
There's the "scientific" name and the nickname that the Klingons learned
after encountering and engaging with Terrans. In talking with Terrans, or
in Terran-y contexts, the nicknames are more common.

With the nickname first:

"Mars" - {marIS}  {Sol loS}

"Jupiter" - {ju'pIter}  {Sol vagh}

"waterfall" is {bIQ notron}

{notron} is "curtain, drape," but it can also be used for things like a
door or gate that opens and closes vertically, like a portcullis.


Niagara {nayeghra}

Paris  {parIy}

Boston  {baStan}

Philadelphia  {vIlaDelvIya'}

Washington, DC  {wa'SIngtanDIySIy} (I don't know how this works in what
you're translating, but in normal, day-to-day Klingon conversation, the
{DIySIy} is never left off. Let me know if anybody refers to the District
of Columbia or to "DC" by itself, without the "Washington" part.)

Bosporus  {boSporoS}

For tens of millions, you have a choice.  30,000,000 could be {wejmaH'uy'},
as you suggest, or it could be {wejvatlhbIp}.  Either is fine, and the
choice would probably be determined by what other (big) numbers were being
mentioned in the same context.  If no other numbers are around, flip a

Additionally, when I asked him what the most appropriate way of saying
"read aloud" (e.g. a book), he said that *paq mu'(mey) jatlh* would work

Maltz, we thank you!!

To read the story, check out 'eSrIv jav on Hol 'ampaS:

More on DIS 2889:

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