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I would argue that Pokémon are beings capable of communication via language, but I don't know that they are necessarily regarded in that way by humans (or Klingons).

After all, we've seen in episodes like Island of the Giant Pokémon that Pokémon are capable of carrying out entire conversations, and we've also seen Team Rocket asking Meowth to translate what Pokémon are saying into human speech.


Furthermore, Pokémon can understand complex utterances in human speech, and respond to it with body language.

In the anime episode The Kangaskhan Kid, we see a boy who has been raised by Kangaskhan, and appears to speak their language. However, I'm not certain if it's clear if this is language use or just mimicry.
Apparently, in the manga, it is clear that he speaks Pokémon language.


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Something that went through my mind tonight.

Would the plural of "po'qeymon" be "po'qeymonmey" or "po'qeymonpu'"?

I could see a -pu' plural because Pokémon each speak in their own language. It's not a language shared with any sapients, but Pokémon do speak languages.

However, all Pokémon can say is their own names. And as far as I know, no human has ever spoken to a Pokémon in its language. So maybe the plural takes -mey.

What are your thoughts?
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