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I never considered this possibility that it was intended to sound archaic, since Okrand has repeatedly spoken on how cautious he feels about creating canon, given how much analysis we come up with to justify things he says.

I suspect you are completely right, and I’m delighted by the tweak to my perspective you have provided.

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

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> That last construction only occurs in one song, and doesn't follow known rules.
> Apparently Okrand chose that construction with the intent that it was an archaic usage, to mimic the unusual "warrior brave and true" phrasing in the English. So there's a little bit of a known rule: "combine multiple -bogh clauses with je if you want your Klingon to sound archaic". That said, unless someone was explicitly writing something intended as ancient poetry, it'd probably be wrong to use that construction.
> Instead, we can say tInbogh chab 'ej 'eybogh or tInbogh 'ej 'eybogh chab. I'm not sure if the form of tInbogh chab 'ey or 'eybogh chab tIn has ever been used in canon, though it's perfectly grammatical.
> paq'batlh has some:
> yoHbogh SuvwI' law' many brave warriors (pages 145-155, line 2)
> Qobbogh may' nI' long and dangerous battle (pages 158-159, line 15)
> quvbogh 'ej valbogh tIqDu' tIQ ancient hearts of honor and wisdom (pages 188-189, line 21), which combines both ways of putting multiple stative verbs on a noun
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