[tlhIngan Hol] placement of {je} relative to the {rIntaH}

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Mon Jan 27 09:15:33 PST 2020

On 1/27/2020 12:02 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> I always am amused by how often the dominant discussions here don’t 
> give a fig about expressing meaning well. It’s always about the 
> minutia of syntax. Make sure you encode things accurately. Forget 
> about actual translation. That’s obviously unimportant here. Just make 
> sure that a computer program that generates Klingon text would spew 
> only valid grammatical constructions.
> All head. No heart.
> That also explains the passionate refusal to mention cultural 
> considerations, since that falls outside the context of modern software.

What an obnoxious, passive-aggressive response this is.

mayqel's translation had EXACTLY the same ambiguities as the original. 
There was ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with it. His only question was 
whether the *je* or the *rIntaH* comes first. You not only ignored that 
question but began to pontificate on how he didn't provide you enough 
context to disambiguate a sentence that was SUPPOSED to be ambiguous. 
Then you accuse me of having no heart because I'm trying to stop you 
from dragging us away from his question.

You want to talk about ambiguities in Klingon or English? Do it in your 
own thread about your own sentence.

 > I’m sure I’ll be insulted and abused for saying this, just so nobody 
thinks I don’t forsee it happening.

That's because you're being an obnoxious and abusive troll, and you know it.


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