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> MO uses "follow the verb" to refer to the placement of both constructions.
> In the {qar'a'} example {De' Sov qar'a' HoD}, the special construction
> described as following the verb comes before the explicit subject {HoD}. It
> seems reasonable to assume that when MO speaks of a special verb
> construction following the verb, he means right after the verb and before
> the subject. {rIntaH} is a special verb construction that follows the verb,
> so I conclude it would go before the subject: {qa'vam De' je' rIntaH
> valQIS.}

Also, while we don't have any canon examples from the 23rd or 24th century,
at least in Shex'pir's time, {rIntaH} followed the verb and came before the
{'ej, pIvmo', wovqu'taHvIS wuqbogh qab, 'oH ropmoH rIntaH Sotbogh qech ghom

In the inferior Federation Standard forgery, the line reads thus:
"And thus the native hue of resolution / Is sicklied o'er with the pale
cast of thought."

>From the famous soliloquy in Hamlet, of course.

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