[tlhIngan Hol] meaning of an {x-mo' verb-be'} sentence

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Thu Jan 9 15:54:04 PST 2020

On 1/9/2020 5:09 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> Interesting.
> I play the game as a Klingon. That’s why I use the Klingon name.

Then you play a Klingon who, for some reason, does not have access to 
first-hand knowledge of his world's language and culture. This game, the 
one which gives Okrand his authority over Klingon, is premised on the 
idea that only Okrand can produce canonical Klingon. That's the deal.

When you play a Klingon, you're not playing under the same premise. When 
you play a Klingon, you cannot inform me of how your language works 
beyond what Okrand has told us.

[snip a pointless rant about Facebook]

> I still don’t understand why the Okrand-speaks-to-Maltz Universe can’t 
> include the charghwI’-is-a-Klingon Universe.

Because you do not have access to first-hand knowledge about Klingons 
and their language, so you cannot reproduce the state of being an 
Okrand-canonical Klingon.

[snip pointless tangent about the word /universe./]

> I like environments where more than one perspective is allowed. Unlike 
> what you describe.

I like perspectives just fine. I'm talking about premises. The premise 
here is that Okrand has the only access to an actual Klingon, and he 
finds out things about the language and culture from him. Under that 
premise, you /cannot/ be a Klingon with first-hand knowledge of the 
language or culture.

You can role-play a Klingon all you want. I have no problem with that. 
But this list assumes the premise I have repeated several times now. You 
can role-play a Klingon here if you want, that's fine. But your 
role-play doesn't inform the truth about the language, and you shouldn't 
be telling people what Klingons would or wouldn't say when people are 
asking linguistic questions.

> And I very much like the list as it was when the list had HoD Qanqor 
> as a grammarian, who shows up at qep’a’ in full uniform, complete with 
> forehead, very much not acting like a human student. He’s fun.

Nothing Krankor says is canonical either. And Krankor intentionally 
ignores anything Okrand says that he doesn't like. As fun as he may be, 
he does not hold authority to dictate the ways of the Klingon language.


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