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I play the game as a Klingon. That’s why I use the Klingon name.

I don't consistently do it as a Klingon. I just slip into it sometimes, the way Krankor could slip back and forth between being human or Klingon, in person or online. More below, but not too much more.

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

> On Jan 9, 2020, at 4:33 PM, SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
>> I know which version I prefer. Am I really so alone here? Is it true that everyone who isn’t a real linguist or a linguist wannabe has dried up and blown away? Am I the last one left with a simultaneous interest in fantasy and grammar?
> Email is for old people. The serious Klingon student is on Facebook. Didn't you know?
I’m an old person, so Email is appropriate for me. Why are YOU here?

I was on Facebook until I realized that they have paid their billionaires’ salaries selling every piece of data I accidentally give them to unidentified third parties with motives that Facebook doesn’t question because, hey, there’s good money in not questioning the motives of people paying you money.

If you use Facebook, then you aren’t paying for their product because you ARE their product. They sell you to Russian spies or political parties or shoe salesmen. No skin off their nose. It’s money either way.

You want to be fooled by bots that pretend to be people encouraging you to vote (if you would vote for someone they like) or not bother voting (if you would vote for someone they don’t like, though they pretend that they agree with your politics in order to get you to listen to their advice)? You want to invite every possible means of being manipulated by people who aren’t who they say they are? Facebook is perfect for you.

>> I mean, if it is so important that the language is non-fiction, but the culture is fiction, why use a Klingon name?
> The language is real. It was developed by a linguist named Marc Okrand to give characters in a movie their own language, and he published a novelty book about it that pretends to be written in the universe of that movie, by people who don't natively speak the language it describes. We enter this universe by accepting the book's premise and learning along with its fictional target audience. In that universe, we are not Klingons. We study their language and culture, but we do not have first-hand information. Once we leave that universe, we have learned the real-life language of Klingon, but we cannot modify or dictate the rules of that language outside of the universe it comes from. If we want to pretend to be Klingons, we do so not in the universe in which we learned Klingon, where we are non-Klingon students, but in a universe in which we are Klingons who know everything about the language. But that universe does not affect the other. I don't visit your I'm-a-Klingon universe, so I don't play by your rules. But you DO visit the Okrand-speaks-to-Maltz universe along with me, and that is where we MUST accept that Klingon is defined for us. This list supports the Okrand-speaks-to-Maltz universe, not the charghwI'-is-a-Klingon universe.
I still don’t understand why the Okrand-speaks-to-Maltz Universe can’t include the charghwI’-is-a-Klingon Universe. 

I find it interesting that since “Universe” has its root in the sense that there is only one of them, hence “uni-“, that it is not considered a proper name and spelled with an uppercase “U”.

Like the difference between a god, and God.

Not that I’m religious.

I’m not.

Though I don’t mind if others are.

Why? [raised eyebrows]

I like environments where more than one perspective is allowed. Unlike what you describe.

And I very much like the list as it was when the list had HoD Qanqor as a grammarian, who shows up at qep’a’ in full uniform, complete with forehead, very much not acting like a human student. He’s fun.

qatlh ‘u’’e' tIvlaHbogh vay' ‘oHlaHbe’ ‘u’vam’e'?
> As for my name, that's mostly a handle I use on the Internet. I also go by Stormcrow on many forums. It provides a unique identity that leans into the theme of the thing and provides my audience with a cue: when I use my Klingon name, it means I'm talking in or about Klingon.
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