[tlhIngan Hol] qep'a' cha'maH SochDIch (27th Klingon Language Institute conference)

Alan Anderson alan at kli.org
Wed Jan 29 14:27:57 PST 2020

To those of you who already saw this in a Facebook post or direct email, I
apologize for the extra inbox clutter. To those of you who haven't seen

This year's qep'a' is still half a year away, but that means you can take
advantage of a significant discount for early registration. The conference
membership cost will remain at $45 only for the next couple of days,
through the end of January, increasing to $50 on February 1. The sooner you
register, the lower the price you will have to pay.


Follow the links to the online registration and hotel reservation pages. I
hope to see you this year!

Alan Anderson
Assistant Director/Event Liaison
Klingon Language Institute
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