[tlhIngan Hol] If pIqaD became Ca'Non..

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Whatever the canon answer is, I will continue using the suggestions of the
KLI because, well, it's what we have.
While typing on the Internet, the Latin alphabet's fine, but handwriting
diacritics and triacritics is a pain in the butt.
Much better is handwritten pIqaD. And, yeah, we're guessing on the
punctuation. But I think most people have
come to at least recognize the convention of triangle=full stop, upside
down triangle=partial stop (with the controversial
*tIq'ghob* as an exclamation mark.)
It's a living language and we've got to make do sometimes.
I like what loghaD is suggesting and it's definitely crossed my mind
before. I hope one day this theory turns out to
be true!

Le jeu. 30 avr. 2020, à 07 h 46, Felix Malmenbeck <felixm at kth.se> a écrit :

> The information that pIqaD was regarded as so mysterious in TKD, and was
> described as being particularly adapted to describing Klingon dialectal
> differences suggests that the pIqaD we know may not be the "full" pIqaD.
> I wonder if the specific pIqaD letters we use might actually be a
> simplified phonetic system; the equivalent to Hangeul in Korean, or kana in
> Japanese. That would allow us to regard the pIqaD we know as "real", while
> still leaving the door open for more.
> > There *is* need for *everything* else (colons,
> > semicolons, etc..) I don't think that all natural languages are
> > written with the punctuation we know, just because someone centuries
> > ago woke up in the morning, and got sexually aroused by the idea of
> > creating the punctuation we know today.
> Language follows complicated paths, and punctuation has and continues to
> exist on a spectrum. Chinese writing was fine with no punctuation for
> millennia, then some inconsistent use of a full stop and a half stop for a
> few centuries, before adopting more punctuation in recent years.
> Thai and Devanagari have considerably fewer punctuation marks than
> English, and my understanding is that they are mostly optional.
> There may be more punctuation in pIqaD, but if so, I hope it isn't too
> similar to any language we know here on Earth; that'd be terribly
> uninteresting.
> //loghaD
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> Am 30.04.2020 um 11:15 schrieb Andrew Mac:
> > It would be great to be able to visualize how a dictionary used by the
> > Klingons would be alphabetized. I wonder what the alphabetical order is
> > in Klingon. I like the request for Klingon alphabetical order at the
> > chabal page, and don’t understand why so many people are downvoting it.
> I guess because that's not something useful to have. I mean, what would
> it change? What's the purpose of having that?
> Next, we live in a world of parallel universes regarding the Klingon
> writing system, and they overlap.
> - TKD says "we know nothing about the writing system, and we use the
> English alphabetical order for convenience".
> - KLI says "here's a suggestion" and everybody uses it, but it's not canon
> - DSC uses those same letters, making them Star Trek canon.
> - nitpickers say that those letters are never canonically explained, so
> they could mean anything.
> So depending on what game we play, reading Klingon is "very hard"
> (Scotty, ST4) or it's a simply sound-to-character mapping.
> Where I'm pointing to is that I believe that Okrand intentionally keeps
> avoiding saying anything about the alphabet, because he first wrote in
> TKD that we do not know about it. Of course, he "accepts" what we are
> using, but that does not make it canon. If he would provide a Klingon
> alphabetical order, he would have to either base it on our used KLI
> pIqaD (thus making it "okrandian" canon), or he would need to make up
> something entirely different — and that could be anything (and knowing
> him, it would be something very irregularly complicated).
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