[tlhIngan Hol] jIpuj'eghnISbe'moH or jIpuj'eghnISmoHbe' ?

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 06:39:17 PDT 2019

> The tighter you can make the scope of
> the -be' suffix, the better, in my opinion.
> Choose the first one.

ok, thanks. The first one feels better to me too. But there is something I

How would you interpret the {jIpuj'eghnISmoHbe'} ?

"I don't cause myself to need to be weak" ?

Or could it mean too, "I don't need to make myself weak", but this
interpretation wouldn't be the first one that would come to the reader's
mind ?

- m. qunen'oS
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