[tlhIngan Hol] can we use the noun {ghom} for objects ?

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> Can {vey} be used for "a group of things which aren't enclosed in a
> box/package/whatever" ?

Probably. A deck of cards {'echletHom vey} doesn't have to be in a box. It
can just be sitting there on the table ready to be dealt. I think {vey} has
more to do with the idea of multiple things included together as one
associated whole, rather than the idea of things being in a box or
container. If that's the case, {'InSong vey} would probably work fine for a
set of flowers.

If the flowers are different varieties, {'InSong tlhoQ} might work (a
"conglomeration" is a bunch of different kinds of things brought together).
Other options for something like a bouquet might be {'InSongmey tay'}
"flowers together", {'InSongmey nob} "flower gift", or even something more
personalized like {'InSongmey qayIrta'bogh} "flowers that I have gathered
for you" (using the prefix trick).

{Sor ghom} and {'InSong ghom} are probably fine until we hear otherwise
from Maltz, though.
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