[tlhIngan Hol] can we use the noun {ghom} for objects ?

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Fri Oct 18 11:11:07 PDT 2019

No idea.  The four examples of {vey} from Klingon Monopoly are all we know about it.  We do have other  words for bunches or groups of things:

Doj                                       batch, pile, heap, accumulation (n)

  DIvI' 'aH qutlh nIHlu'bogh
  Cheap stolen Federation goods (DSC "Will You Take My Hand?")
  [NON-CANON sign in the Orion market on Kronos in pIqaD & Orion letters)

Dojmey                               mass, masses, multitude, a very large but indeterminate
group of something (n)

  'ej Dojmey wID - vInDa'ma' peq.
  He has killed many of our people.  STID
 ("and he massacred multitudes - he slaughtered our compatriots")
  qoq De'wI' Dojmey
  botnet (computer jargon) (qepHom 2015)

'aH                                       paraphernalia (n)

{mIr} “chain” has been used for a streak or series of things:

 lupwI' mIr                        train (railroad) (n)
  lut mIr                               series (of stories, movies, etc.) (n)
 qaD mIr                            tournament  (n)
  lujwI' mIr                          losing streak (n)
  quvHa'ghach mIr           losing streak  (n)
 QapwI' mIr                      winning streak (n)
 yay mIr                             winning streak (n)

Also the verb {tay'} “be together, be united” seems to appear in three nouns:
  Hovtay'                             star system (n)
 moqtay’                            bruise  (n)
 mu'tay'                             vocabulary  (n)
As I mentioned before…  I (and others) tend to use {ghom} for this sort of thing – I remember coming up with *{Hovghom) “stellar cluster” and *{wIchghom} “myth-cycle” (i.e. a particular set of myths) – but when I checked my notes earlier today I was surprised to learn that all of Okrand’s examples were for groups of people, except for {mu’ghom}.


From: mayqel qunen'oS
{vey} could be a good alternative..
But the problem is, that saying {Sor vey} gives me the impression that we talk about a "package of trees".
Can {vey} be used for "a group of things which aren't enclosed in a box/package/whatever" ?
How would you say "a bundle of flowers" in klingon ?
Perhaps this "bundle of flowers" is bound together by a ribbon or something, but even so, it's not something being enclosed in a box.

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