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> I have a question about all the words below for leader/emperor.
> If I wanted to write a story about the Plagues of Egypt, which word would
> I use for “Pharaoh”?

That depends on your purpose for the translation. For some audiences, it
might be appropriate to transliterate "Pharaoh" and explain it in a
footnote. For others, perhaps {ta'} or {voDleH} is enough.

> I asked and made sure - it’s a title, not a name. Same with writing a
> story about Esther, and there is King Xerxes. (I will be using the longer
> name that starts with A instead of Xerxes though - it is easier to write in
> Klingon!)

Ahasuerus? Why not go with the Old Persian original Xšayaṛša (maybe
*{'IHSayarSa} or something like that)?

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